Thursday, August 3, 2017

Currently Trending (in My Life)

Heatpocalypse, as my daughter calls it. Portland is in a heatwave. (Not as hot as other places get, but we're having days of record setting temps here.) The challenge is staying cool in an old—charming, but poorly insulated—apartment. And I have to say, we rock at this! But, nevertheless, we are in a state of aestivation: prolonged torpor, due to heat. Ha.

Meeting my daughter in air-conditioned coffee shops with books and journals. That’s where I am right now. We sip and talk and do stuff.

Going to Powell’s book store. Like way too often. This has got to stop before my fortune is blown.

Frozen TJ's chocolate-honey mint patties. My daughter’s brilliant idea.

Little girls and typewriters. Manual typewriter + six-year-old girl = lots of fun. Since my granddaughter recently discovered the blue vintage Royal I gave her mother a few years ago, she has been super-productive, typing notes, letters, and "books."

Forts under tables. Serious cosiness and fun is going on under there! It is Apartment #100, FYI.

Portland’s awesomeness. #1 Coffee City (according to Travel + Leisure mag) in US. #1 Food City in US., Powell’s, etc.

A successful Goodwill trip. Two pieces of art that my girls want to pry from my grip.

Honey Mamas yummy chocolate treats. Healthy, but spendy, so it really is a treat. LOVE. I usually buy the Oregon Peppermint or the Lavendar Rose, but I like them all.

Second cups of coffee every day, probably due to how much I’ve enjoyed my current bag of beans—Coava Kilenso.

Being with family. The absolute best. Do I have to go back home?

What’s trending in your life?


  1. Same heat wave. We're up in Washington but it is HOT for Washington. I love Powell's books. We stop every time we pass through Portland!

    Trending here:
    Roasted Coconut Chips from Trader Joes. (My new favorite snack!)
    An Italian Soda bar set up on the kitchen counter for the kids.
    Daily spraying the aphids off my dahlia plants. (Not a fun trend, but a trend nonetheless).

    Love to you!

  2. Aren't you glad the intense days of heat seem to be over? This cool air today feels so nice. Powell's is so much fun! I like all three stores. Do you ever go to the one on SE Hawthorne or Cedar Hills in Beaverton? They're smaller but awesome, too. I will try those TJ's coconut chips. They sound like something I'd really like. And too bad about the aphids (boo!), but way to be diligent. :) Love back to you, Stacy!

    1. Yes. So thankful. I find myself getting a bit excited for fall, even. Cool, crisp days and crunchy leaves and blessed RAIN. I love it that we live in an area where we truly get to experience all the seasons. I have NEVER been to the other Powell stores. I didn't even know there *were* others. We'll have to check them out! Thanks for letting me know!

  3. We had a mini-heat wave, but nothing like what you all have been going through, and now we are in a cool stretch of weather. Quite nice for August. Trending here: zucchini, rootbeer float bars, ice cream cones for the grandkids every morning when they stop by! Love it!

    Thank you, Susan, for stopping by and giving your love and condolences. You've been a big part of my life, and I'm so grateful for the sweet lessons I learned from you. God bless you.

  4. You get to see your grandkids every morning! You are so blessed! I've gotten to see my granddaughter every morning for the past five weeks, and I have just under two weeks to go before I return home. What would summer be without zucchini (lots and lots and lots of it?)? I go to your blog often, Jody, but I just never comment (I don't have internet at home and don't have a lot of online time). I had to say something this time because I felt so sad inside and wanted to let you know I cared and that I actually am out there reading. We have such a long history of sharing our lives, and it is sweet to me, Jody.

  5. Just want to throw in my two cents worth....wish everyone would go back to those far more flattering (and modest...with not everything bared in your face) one piece swimsuits pictured at the top!

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  8. I love the swimsuits! So much better. :) And the girls look like they're having so much fun. Makes me smile.